Dr Keir Finlow-Bates, CEO of Chainfrog Oy

Chainfrog Expands Blockchain Development Services

Edward Burton
2 min readMay 30, 2018


Chainfrog Oy, the first Finnish blockchain startup launched in 2016 is expanding its blockchain development services. It has recently launched https://chainfrog.tech, its agency site from which it will provide blockchain development and web services to a wide range of international clients.

Let by Dr Keir Finlow-Bates, a mathematician and 8 year veteran of the blockchain space, Chainfrog Oy will use its team’s extensive experience of blockchain development and project implementations to add value to the emerging blockchain ecosystem.

“There is a thriving market in blockchain development across the world, but true expertise is hard to find. Given our hands-on experience in implementing some of the cutting-edge projects in blockchain, it is a logical move for us to expand our services to cater for new clients who are looking to enter space but having trouble finding genuine experts.”

— Dr Keir Finlow Bates, CEO of Chainfrog Oy

The is undoubted global demand for blockchain services, however the immaturity of blockchain software and proliferation of new approaches dictates that it can be a hard environment to navigate without expert assistance. Even choosing the appropriate technology stack for each project is a complicated task that most actors in the space are poorly positioned to do. That is where Chainfrog Oy comes in. Director of Engineering Edward Burton joined in January and comes with a strong digital agency pedigree.

The space is still very immature and has a lot to learn from more developed infrastructures. I hope to bring my experience in executing end-to-end digital strategies and combine it with some of the true experts in blockchain. By bringing more established methods and work-flows we can deliver projects that provide value for money and help our clients avoid wasting time and money on solutions that won’t ever work or be delivered.

— Edward Burton, Director of Engineering at Chainfrog Oy

There is more information about Chainfrog available at https://chainfrog.tech or contact edward (at) chainfrog.com for further enquires.

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